Parvathi, the daughter of Himalayas, is the consort of Siva. She represents the Universal power (Sakthi) that is the primary activating energy.

The configuration of nine idols, called Navagraha, represents the nine principal heavenly bodies that influence man’s life.

Lakshmi or Sri Devi is the consort of Vishnu. She is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Wealth includes nobler values of life, power of mind etc.

Karthikeya is the son of Siva and Parvathi. Other common names of Karthikeya are Subramanya, Muruga, Kumara, Skandha, Shanmuga and Guha.

Hanuman is the son of Vaayu, the Wind God. He is a great devotee of Lord Rama. He is an outstanding scholar and master of vedas.

Goddess Durga represents Shakthi, the female principle of energy, the counterpart of Siva. She is the Goddess of valor and slayer of demons.

Ayyappa is the son of Lord Siva and Mohini. Vishnu took the form of Mohini to destroy a demon named Basmasura. He protects our spiritual wealth and grace.

Andal, the incarnation of Mother Earth, Bhoodevi, is one of the twelve Aalvaars, great devotees of Vishnu. She was found in the garden of Periyaalvar.

Vishnu, one among the Trinity of Gods, is in the form of Ananthapadhmaanabha. He comes to earth in different incarnations to protect the world.

Siva is one of the three principal deities of the Hindu pantheon; the other two are Brahma and Vishnu. His name means ‘auspicious’.