Sri Durga

Sri Durga

Sri Durga

Goddess Durga represents Shakthi, the female principle of energy, the counterpart of Siva. She is the Goddess of valor and slayer of demons that were personifications of vaunted ego, ignorance, sloth, etc. We invoke the Mother Durga to help us annihilate within ourselves all negative forces; all weaknesses. Other common names of Durga are, Kali and Mahishasuramardhini.

Special Pujas and Festivals


Sarva Mangala Maangalye Sive Sarvaartha Saadhake
Saranye Thryambake Devi Naaraayani Namosthuthe


Oh ever auspicious Goddess. You are the counterpart of Siva and helpful to devotees in every way. Oh our refuge and Goddess with three eyes and sister of Lord Narayana. Our salutations to you.


In Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, Durga is in the form of Vishnu Durga, standing on Mahisha’s head. She is the only idol, besides Lakshmi Varaaha Swami facing the northern direction. The shrine is built in Chola style of architecture. Durga is also one of the Deva goshta vigrahas for the Siva Sannidi.


Tuesdays and Fridays are considered specially auspicious to Durga. Navarathri (Dasera) is celebrated for Durga. Chandi Homam, the chanting of Devi Mahatmayam, (the glory of the Divine Mother), is performed during Navarathri and on special occasions.


Performing archana or lighting special lamps made of dough during “Raahu kaalam” is special to Durga. Garlands made of lemon are usually offered to Durga. Special decorations with turmeric and sandalwood pastes and flowers are made as special offerings. Reciting Lalitha sahasranaama and Mahishaasura Mardhni sthothram and performing Chandi homam are auspicious.


Kaathyaayanaaya Vidmahe Kanyakumaari Dheemahi
Thanno Dhurgi(h) Prachodayaath.


We worship Devi, the daughter of Sage Kaathyaayana. Salutations to the virgin Goddess. May that Durga stimulate our intellectual faculties.