Kadutha Swami, Karuppayi Swami and Karuppayi Amma are the devoted guards of the 18 Holy Steps and the Ayyappa Temple.

SSVT is one of the few temples in the world with sanctified Eighteen Holy Steps leading to the Ayyappa Shrine. Many refer to the Ayyappa Shrine at SSVT as the ‘Sabarimala of the West’.

Sri Nagaraja is the king of all serpents. He entwines the neck of Lord Siva and is also the bed of Lord Vishnu. This five headed serpent is ‘Vaasuki’ the most revered of the serpents of Siva.

Maalikapurathu Amma is a reformed Mahishi. She occupies a very high position – Maalikapuram is the highest place in a building.

The Southwest corner of a temple is very special. It is known as Kannimoola and is the place, which provides protection to the Temple.

Ganesha is variedly worshipped as a bachelor, and as a Lord with two consorts. The two consorts of Lord Ganesha are considered to be siddhi & buddhi, or siddhi and prosperity.

Sri Idumban and Sri Virabahu are the devoted guards of the Sri Karthikeya sannidi. They stand on both sides of the Kathikeya.

The Deva Goshta ‘niche’ Vigrahas in the walls of the Karthikeya Sannidi are – Sri Guhan, Sri Bala Dandayuthapani and Sri Shiki Vahana Moorthy.

Venkateswara, another form of Lord Vishnu, is one among the Trinity, representing the power of Sustenance. He is regarded as “Kaliyuga Varada”.

Vishnu, one among the Trinity of Gods, is in the form of Ananthapadhmaanabha. He is the Protector of the Universe. He comes to earth in different incarnations.