Sri Andal

Sri Andal

Sri Andal

Andal, the incarnation of Mother Earth, Bhoodevi, is one of the twelve Aalvaars, great devotees of Vishnu. She was found in the garden of Periyaalvar. She grew up to be a great devotee of Vishnu and a mystic poet. She is the author of Thiruppavai. Even as a human she attained beatitude, as the consort of her chosen Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam. She is the best exponent of Bakthi Marga and a celebrated model of “bridal mysticism”.

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Sree Vishnu Chiththa Kula Nandhana Kalpa Valleem Sree Ranga Raaja Hari Chandhana Yoga Dhrusyaam Saakshhat Kshammaam Kaarunyaa Kamalaami Vaanyaam
Godhaam Ananya Sarana: Saranam Prapadhye


Bereft of any other refuge in Godha (Andal) who is merciful like Goddess Mahalakshmi, has come in human form of Andal. She is like a wish fulfilling creeper, that makes the family of Vishnuchitta (Periyaalvar) happy. With her inner eye, she always sees and dwells on her Lord, the king and God at Sriranga.


In Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, Andal is installed in a separate shrine built in Chola style architecture. She holds a blue lotus on her hand.


Wednesdays and Fridays are auspicious to Andal. Andal married Sri Ranganatha on the Makara Sankaranthi day. On that day Andal’s marriage is celebrated in a grand style. ” Aadi Pooram” and “Aani Thirumanjanam” are also important festivals to Andal.


Andal is specially worshipped by reciting her songs called Thiruppaavai, early in the mornings during the Hindu month of Dhanu. Performing Andal Kalyanam is customary. Venpongal and Sweet Pongal are offered to Andal.


Dhanurdharaayai Cha Vidmahe Sarva
Siddhayai Cha Dheemahi
Thanno Dharaa Prachodhayaath


We worship the Goddess who adorns a bow and arrow in her hand. Salutations to the Goddess who gives all the boons to the devotees. May that Boodhevi stimulate our creative faculties.