Sri Lakshmi

Sri Lakshmi

Sri Lakshmi

Lakshmi or Sri Devi is the consort of Vishnu. She is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Wealth includes nobler values of life, power of mind and intellect, moral, and ethical qualities which constitutes the spiritual wealth. The eight forms of Lakshmi, called Ashta-Lakshmi are: Santhanalakshmi (wealth of progeny), Gajalakshmi (wealth of animals), Dhanalakshmi (wealth of gold and other material wealth), Dhaanyalakshmi (wealth of food grains), Veeralakshmi (wealth of valor), Vijayalaksmi (wealth of victories and success), Mahalakshmi (wealth of greatness) and Aadhilakshmi.

Special Pujas and Festivals
Panguni Uthiram


Namastesthu Mahaamaaye Sreepeete Surapujithe
Sankha Chakra Gadhaa Hasthe Mahaalakshmi Namosthuthe.


Salutations to you, Oh Goddess Lakshmi. You are the divine mother, the seat of all prosperity, and worshipped even by the Gods. You hold the conch, the divine wheel and the mace in your hands.


In Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, Lakshmi is housed in a shrine built in Chola style architecture. She is seated on a red lotus and holds a lotus flower in her hand. This symbolizes that the realization of the Self is the Supreme Goal of mankind.


Fridays are considered auspicious for Lakshmi Puja. The Friday before the full moon in the Hindu month of Sraavan is considered specially sacred and Varalakshmi puja (puja for boons and longevity) is performed on that day by ladies in the temples and in the homes. Diwaali, the festival of lights, is also an occasion for Lakshmi Puja. Three days during Navarathri are also celebrated for Lakshmi.


Paayasam and sweets such as Ladu, fruits and milk, are made as alankara to Lakshmi. Special abishekams and offerings with beads and coins, and homams are also performed to Lakshmi.


Mahaa Dhevyai Cha Vidhmahe Vishnu Pathnai
Cha Dheemahi
Thanno Lakshmi Prachodyaath


We worship the great Goddess and all Hail to the spouse of Vishnu. May that Lakshmi stimulate us and make us flourish.