Sri Sudarsana

Sri Sudarsana

Sri Sudarsana/Yoga Narasimha

In order to relieve the suffering of people in this world, the devotees prayed to Bramha to create a powerful Shakti. So Bramha took up a serious penance for thousands of years resulting in the creation of, one of the Sri Vishnu’s Ayudhapurushas, the extremely powerful Sri Sudarshana. Sri Sudarshana represents the cosmic mind and also Vishnu’s infinite power to create and destroy the universe. He also represents Sri Vishnu’s will to multiply. He also will neutralize all poisons. There are more than one hundred and eight names to Sri Sudarshana. Among them are Sudarshana, Chakraraja and Sahasrabahu. Prayers to Sri Sudarshana will alleviate serious diseases, avert great dangers and prevent obstacles in any one’s efforts to succeed

Narasimha Avatara is the fifth re-incarnation of Lord Vishnu. As Narashimha, He destroyed the demon king Hiranyakashiyapu, the father of Baktha Prahalad.

Sudarshana and Narasimha are one and the same as two faces of a coin. Both deities benefit the entire human kind by their blessings.

Special Pujas and Festivals

SLOKA/PRAYER for Sri Sudarsana

Prathibhata Shrevi Bhishana
Varaguna Sthoma Bhusana
Janibhaya Sthana Karana
Jagadavasthana Karana
Nikhila Dushkarna Karshana
Nigavana Saddhama Darshana
Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarshana
Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarshana


Each sloka/prayer has significant meanings conveying the following:

a) Shatru Parajanga (defeat of enemies)
b) Khayathi Prapti (attaining honor)
c) Papa Karma Vimochana (relieving Papa and Karma)
d) Sampath Prapti (prosperity)
e) Manorathi Siddhi (fulfillment of ambitions)
f) Vyadhi nivarana (relief from diseases)
g) Jaya Prapti (conquering)
h) Sakala Siddhi Prapti (achieving all ambitions)

SLOKA/PRAYER for Sri Yoga Narasimha

Om Namo Narasimhya
Hiranyakashipu Vaksha Sthala Vidaranaya
Thri Bhuvana Vyapakaya
Bootha Preta Pishachi Shakini Dakini
Keelanon Moolanaya
Sthabidbhave Samasta Sishan
Hana Hana Sara Sara Chhala Chhala
Kampa Kampa Matha Matha Hoom Patt Hoom Patt
Tantaha Narasimhaya Namaha ||


One Who has pierced and Killed Hiranyakashipu
And one who is all pervading and
Omnipotent On Narasimha
You destroy all evil forces and throw away
The Powers of devil and demons by appearing
Instantally form the pillar making great thunderous sounds
I offer my Namaskarams to You ||


In Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, this unique deity was installed on the North side of the Venkateswara shrine in June 2002 during the Mahakumbishekam. One side of the deity is Lord Sudarshana with the hexagon in the background and Yoga Narasimha on the other side of same vigraha or idol. He has sixteen arms holding different weapons. There are 8 weapons like Shanka, Chakra, Gada, Musala, Khadga, Dhanus and Vanamala (Yama Pasa) Padma.


Sri Sudarshana’s Birthday is celebrated as Sri Sudarshana Alwar Thiru Nakshatram which falls sometime in June/July of every year. Saturdays are very auspicious for Sudarshana. Sudarshana Homams can be performed on any convenient day.


Sri Sudarshana can be decorated with good flowers and ornaments, and can be offered fruits, coconuts, sweets, etc. Puris made out of wheat flour, laja (puffed rice) and also charu ayya (sakkar pongal with pure ghee) are also very good offerings.

GAYATHRI for Sri Sudarsana

Om Kleem Shreem
Iym, Hleem, Kleem
Om Jaya Jaya
Sudarshana Narasimha
Hreem, Kheem, Teem,
Taha ||
This is the moola mantra.

GAYATHRI for Sri Yoga Narasimha

Vajra Nakhya Vidmahe Theekshan Dhruggutya Thanno Narasimha Prachodayath ||


Characterized by having hard diamond nails and having powerful sight, Oh NARASIMHA, you please enlighten me by occupying my heart.