Sri Krishna

Sri Krishna

Sri Krishna

Krishna is one of the ten major incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Among the avataars of Lord Vishnu, perhaps the most popular is His descent as Krishna. He imparts Divine wisdom to Arjuna in Bagavath Gita. Kanna, Govinda, Madhusudana, Muralidara are also his common names.

Sri Krishna Prayer book
Krishna Astotharam

Special Pujas and Festivals
Krishna Jayanthi
Guruvayur Ekadasi


Krishnaaya Vasudevaaya Devakinandanaaya Cha
Nandagopa Kumaraaya Govindaaya Namo Nama


I bow to Lord Krishna, the son of Vasudeva and Devaki, whom he made so happy. I bow to Govinda, the son of Nandagopa.


In Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, Krishna is in the standing form representing the famous Udipi temple God. In his right hand he holds a butter churn and the left the rope used to turn the butter churn. This symbolism of obtaining solid butter from buttermilk that is agitated, recalls the Lord’s role in helping the devotee churn his own mind and thought through the devotional process in order to get the blissful experience of God-realization. The Krishna shrine is built in Canara style architecture. The icon of Sri Ranganatha can be seen on the back of the Krishna Shrine.


Thursdays and the star Rohini are auspicious to Krishna. Sri Krishna Janmaashtami is celebrated as a big annual festival. Ranga Puja is a way of worshipping Lord Krishna at Udipi in Southern Kannara region. It starts with Chamara seva, lighting innumerable small lamps around the Grabagraha. In the front two parallel rows of lamps are lit and neividyams of several kinds are offered to the deity. Vishnu sahasranama parayanam, Ashtavagana, Special deeparadana & puja are offered to the Lord. The ranga puja bestows the blessing of Lord Krishna to all the participants


Garlands with Thulasi leaves and fruits, beaten rice with jaggery and butter are special offerings to Krishna. Special decorations with butter are performed to Krishna.


Govindaaya Vidhmahe Gopijana Vallabaaya Dheemahi
Thanna Krishna Prachodayaath


We worship Govindhaa. Salutations to the Great Lord who won the hearts of Gopikas. May that Krishna stimulate our faculties.