Sri Srinivasan Ramanujam

Priest Sri Srinivasan Ramanujam has all the requisite expertise, training, and knowledge of religious rites, rituals, teachings, scriptures, and texts supported by more than 25 years of experience as a Hindu Priest. He received extensive religious training in conducting Hindu religious services. He completed 12 years of religious studies at Sri Sathguru Sabha Veda Patasala  (ReIigious School) in Chennai, India and completed courses in Yajur Veda Purvam, temple Aradhana Kramam (liturgical order), Yagna procedure, Nithya Anushtanam and Aparaa Prayogams. He has a strong knowledge of Vedas, Upanishads, Agamas, Shastras, and other Hindu religious texts. He is also well-versed in religious rituals and prayers such as Poojas, Homams, Utsavams, Samskaras and various other religious services.