Chandi Homam

Chandi Homam

Puja Cost:

  • At The Temple (Temple + Priest):- $401 + $100
  • Outside Temple, In DC Metro Area (Temple + Priest):- $501 + $125


  • Reservation with the Temple manager is required. Send your Sponsorship Request
  • The Kalasam will be supplied by the temple.
  • The following materials are to be supplied by the devotee.
Turmeric powder100 gms.
Kumkum100 gms.
Sandalwood paste/powder50 gms
Camphor50 gms.
Honey100 ml
Rosewater1/2 Litre
Incense Sticks2 pkts.
Betel Leaves12
Rice5 Kgs.
Milk1 Gallon
Yogurt1/2 Gallon
Brown Sugar ( Jaggery )2 Kgs.
Sugar/Rock Candy 100 gms
Raisins100 gms
Cashew nuts250 gms
Cardamom25 gms.
Apples, Mangoes, Oranges, Pears, Red Bananas6 EACH
Grapes1/2 Kg
Whole Pineapple  2
Ash Melon (whole)1
Sugarcane 2 pieces
Aahuthi Vastram14 cotton/1 silk cloth 1 yard only
Ghee10 lbs.
Saffron1 pkt
Fire log or fire starter4 pkts
Dasangam1 pkt
Sambrani1 pkt
Flowers and Flower Garlands1 or 2 Garlands and a bunch of loose flowers
Sarees (Cotton or SIlk)1 – Yellow, orange, yellow or green preferred (Avoid back or blue)
Puffed RiceTray Full
Havan Samagri4 packets
NaivedyamVada, Sundal, Kesari, Paayasam ( jaggery, rice and ghee )
Sweet Pongal 5 kgs

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