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Chairperson’s Message

September 1, 2022 - September 30, 2022

As we welcome the month of September, with summer’s best weather, I would like to reflect on an eventful month of August. I sincerely thank all our devotees, volunteers, priests, and staff for once again helping us successfully conclude the Sri Rama Bhakti Samrajya Mahotsavam. It is believed that conducting a Mahotsavam will be beneficial for ‘LokaKshemam’, the temple, its congregation, and anyone who participates in the function in any manner. Your participation in large numbers for various religious pujas and cultural programs during the 9-day event culminated with the Sri Rama Pattabhishekam, which created a lasting memory for me. This temple belongs to you and your family; please continue to support our temple with your gracious presence. See page 4 for some photos from the concluding day.

Our temple welcomed many families to participate in our Build Your Own Ganesha (BYOG) event on August 28th – as part of this year’s Ganesha Chaturthi celebrations. More than 200 children participated in this successful event along with their families.

A priority at the temple is to care for our devotees through religious services, cultural and educational programs. Part of this priority also includes our priests and staff members – and as such, we recently created the “Employee Children Education Fund” to help the children of our full-time staff to defray some of the tuition fees during their undergraduate studies. The policies and procedures for determining eligibility and disbursement of funds is approved by the Board of Trustees. The fund is intended only for this specific purpose and your tax-deductible donation for this noble cause will help our employees, especially as their children continue their education.

Work is underway for installing a new children’s playground, and it is expected to be completed by the first week of September. We hope this new installation will provide families a welcoming space on our temple grounds. Given the cooler weather, and convenient location under the tree canopy in the front our temple, I hope all 5-to-12-year-olds enjoy the new equipment.

Looking ahead, Sharada Navaratri, a popular Hindu festival spanning a period of nine nights will be celebrated from September 26th through October 4th. Like last year, we will be offering a special Vastram (saree) Alankara to Shri Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Lalitha Parameshwari Utsava Murthis. 108 Vastrams are going to be adorned on the Devis, and devotees have an opportunity to sponsor this unique festival. See page 8-9 for more details.

Based on the recommendations of our COVID-19 Advisory Group, our temple will no longer mandate face masks to be worn by devotees at the temple. Staff and volunteers will continue to wear face masks, and we will provide face masks to devotees, if requested. But I highly encourage you and your family to take every precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and its variants; whether wearing a mask, or staying home if you’re unwell – together, we can continue fight this pandemic.

Please consider donating to our temple to help with operations, support special projects for the year. Your tax-deductible contribution of any amount will help our temple as we head into the Fall and Winter seasons.

May the Gods and Goddesses of Sri Siva Vishnu Temple bless you, and your family with good health and prosperity. Please feel free to contact me by email at chairperson@ssvt.org or by phone at (501) 960-2807 if I can be of any assistance.

Murali Elambilan
2022 Chairperson, Board of Trustees


September 1, 2022
September 30, 2022

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