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Educational Programs at SSVT:

  The focus of education programs at SSVT are the following:

  1. Educate children of Hindu roots about their rich culture & religion
  2. Increase the learning for parents and adults so that they can better teach their children and better represent the Hindu community in interfaith settings
  3. Provide an opportunity for those from non-Indian background to learn about Hindu culture.
We started a focused experiment with the Seminar Series called “Learning the Tradition of Hinduism” starting from September 14, 2002. This has evolved in 2003 into separate adult and children’s program, in addition to a Frequently Asked Questions of Hinduism on a separate web page, and a Reading Room with a library of books at the temple.
1. Adult Educational Programs
  • Regular Weekend Classes on subjects like Astrology, Vedas, Yoga, Sanskrit and other subjects related to Hindu culture.
  • Periodic Intensive Courses on Hinduism, Hindu Philosophy and World Religions.
  • Seminar, Discourse and Discussion Series on subjects related to Hinduism. Discussion series are geared towards the more philosophically or religiously inclined people with such series as Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, the various Sahasranamas and Sooktas from the Vedas, and Puranas and Itihaasas like Bhagavatam and Ramayanam. Besides these activities noted above, occasionally we participate in various Interfaith events as well in disseminating Hindu ideas to others, while learning about other religions as well. These are noted in the Upcoming Programs page.
    2. Children’s Educational Programs
    The Children’s Educational Program are conducted under the youth wing called Aakaar and covers the following:
    1. Recitation of Prayer Verses (Shlokas) and Storytelling from the Puranas (held every Sunday)
    2. Periodical events like Pujas performed by children, dance dramas, etc. that bring home the daily living elements of Hindu culture.
    Aakaar is much more than the Hindu oriented education programs. There is much focus on community service.
    3. Hinduism Web page
    A web page has been established with the frequently asked questions of Hinduism as an easy and accessible reference. Please send in your questions and our editorial team will try to answer them.
    4. Reading Room
    The Aakaar room in the lower level of SSVT becomes a reading room on set hours during weekends.
    5. Past Program Archives
    Archives of past presentations may be available for your reference.
    All these programs are conducted by volunteers in our community with occasional visitor speakers from outside the Washington area. Professors of Religion from the local universities are special volunteers whose scholarly contributions have been significant. And volunteers also have the role of organizing the events and arranging the facilities and preparing the necessary publicity material. To provide general feedback, send an email to

    Education Programs
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