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The configuration of nine idols, called Navagraha, represents the nine principal heavenly bodies that influence man's life. They are considered different aspects of Paramaathma. Worshipping them is a way to attain His abode. Each of them confer different benefits like good health (Surya - Sun), Victory (Chandra - Moon), Wisdom (Budha -Mercury), honor (Guru - Jupiter), Vocal skills (Sukra - Venus), joy and happiness (Sani - Saturn), strength (Rahu), personal opulence (Ketu) and family prosperity (Angaraka - Mars).


Aadhithyaaya Cha Somaaya Mangalaaya Bhudhaaya Cha
Guru Sukra Sanibhyascha Raahave, Kethave Namaha.


Salutations to the Sun God, the Moon, and to Mangala (Mars) and Budha (Mercury). Also to the divine preceptor Brahaspathi and to Sukra, the teacher of Ausuras, and to Sani, the planet Saturn. Salutations to Rahu and Kethu.


In SSVT Navagraha's are installed in a separate place. The individual planets are given definite placement, within the nine-fold group; as also, definite orientations with reference to the cardinal directions. They also have precise sculptural features that distinguish them.


Devotees worship the individual planetary deities on the particular day of the week associated with the planet, and also at special times when there is planetary shift or unique configurations. Proper worship of individual planets on the right occasions is believed to bestow good on the devotees, in specific areas of life.


Performing Navagraha Homam is very auspicious. Offerings like sesame seeds, rice or any of the "nine grains" that may be appropriate are also made. Lighting lamps with sesame oil or seeds on Saturdays is important to Sani. Thil rice and Paayasam are offered to Navagraha.


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