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Sri Nandi

Nandi is the vahana (vehicle) of Shiva. In  ancient times,   Nandi was represented as a man with a bull's head. Nandikeeshwara  also means the Lord of Joy.  Later it was said of Nandikeeshwara that he was a rishi (wise man) who guarded Shiva's door to become divine in this way. 
 Nandi embodies the permanent inner strength which can be acquired by controlling physical strength and violence (the name means: he who grants joy). Only those who have conquered desire and achieved self-knowledge can ride the bull like Shiva himself


Om Mahaakaalyam Mahaaveeryam 
Shiva Vahanam Outatmama 
Ganaanamtwa Pratham Vande 
Nandishwaram Mahabalam


In Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, Sri Nandi is installed inside the Siva shrine and by the Siva Dwajastampam.  At the top of the Rajagopuram two Nandis adorn the southeast and southwest corners.  Similarly, Nandi  also occupies the top of the Siva Dwajasthambha inside the Vasantha Mandapam. 


SRI NANDI-in the Siva Shrine


SRI NANDI-by the Dwajastambam

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