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Sri Karthikeya
Karthikeya Dwara Palakas

Karthikeya Ghoshta Vigrahas

The Deva Goshta 'niche' Vigrahas in the walls of the Karthikeya Sannidi are


In Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, Karthikeya goshta vigrahas, which were carved in concrete in the walls of the Siva Shrine were removed. New idols carved out of granite were consecrated druing the Mahakumbishkam in June 2002.


*Guhan* Lord Guha is the God with six faces.  He is the color of red vermilion and rides a divine peacock. He is supremely intelligent. He is the son of Rudra and Commander of the Deva army.



*BalaDandayuthapani* Bala Dhandayudapani is in the standing posture of a young boy Murugan with a staff (Dhandam) in his hand. Legend has it that the celetial sage Naaradhar approached the abode of Shiva, Mount Kailasam with the celestial fruit of knowledge - Gnyanappazham. While both the sons of Shiva wanted the fruit, Shiva and Parvathi decreed that the one to first complete circumambulating the universe would get the celestial fruit. While Subramanya mounted his peacock and went around the Universe, Vinayakar circumambulated his parents Shiva and Parvathi on the premise that Shiva and Parvathi stood for the Universe and thus obtained the coveted celestial fruit. Angered by this denial, Subramanya left Kailasam and took up his own abode at Palani in the form of Bala Dhandayudapani and refused to return to Kailasam.



*ShikiVahanaMoorthy* Shikhi or mayura (mayil in Tamil) means peacock.  Vahanana means vehicle. Shiki Vahana Moorthy is a form in which Subrahmanya is seated on a peacock.  As Sikhivahana, Subrahmanya has one face, three eyes and four hands The hands bear the abhaya mudra, varada mudra, sakti and vajra. His peacock vehicle is called Indranilaratha. 


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