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Sri Maalikapurathu Amma

Maalikapurathu Amma is a reformed Mahishi. When Lord Ayyappa destroyed her evil form, and freed her from all effects of the curse of a maharishi (holy man), she assumed the form of a beautiful angel and requested Him to marry her. Lord Ayyappa granted her a boon that He will marry her only when no new devotees ( Kanni Ayyappa) come to Sabarimala and that she will have a separate place of worship in His temple.

This Devi is the Parashakthi, Buvaneshwari. Maalikapurathu Amma occupies a very high position - Maalikapuram is the highest place in a building. From this high place, She showers her devototees with blessings. She has the powers of all the Devi embodiments of the Shaiva, Vaishnava and Sakthaphilosophies. She does not have any special form, yet she can be any possible form. She is represented as a 'Darapam Bibmam' (Mirror) as is able to grant the wishes of anyone who worships Her. The devotee can worship Her in any form they wish. She also has special blessings for every Ayyappa devotee, especially the Kanni Ayyappa, even though the presence of a Kanni Ayyapa is painful to her, since she cannot marry Lord Ayyappa.


Dharma Shashtha Darmapathni Padamichandi Ya Sada Sa Thvam Thu Dada tha Damsa Sasthru Bhakthim Samujwala


You, who always desires to be the consort of Sri Dharma Shastha, please create in me the brilliant Ayyappa Bhakthi


In Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, Maalikapurathu Amma is installed behind Ayyappa shrine. The idol of Malikapurathu Amma is like a mirror. The deity is incarnated into the mirror and worshipped in her image. It is better and more pleasant to worship an image of a deity by imagining the form in the mind than directly worshipping the deity. In Kerala it is customary to depict Bhagavathi in the form of a mirror. The priest decorates it as a face on important days.


Tuesdays are auspicious to Malikapurathu Amma. First Tuesday after Makara Sankaranthi is very important.


Sweet pudding, turmeric powder and blouse pieces are offered to Maalikapurathu Amma. It is customary to perform a special puja called "Kuruthi".


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