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Sri Venkateswara
Venkateswara Gohsta Vigrahas

Sri Garuda

Garuda, a bird deity, with the head and wings of an eagle and sometimes with the rest of his body like that of a man, is called the king of birds and he is also the celestial vehicle of Lord Vishnu

Garuda is also known by another name Vinayaka, which he shares with Lord Ganesha. Thus, this god-bird is thought to be remover of obstacles. Garuda is not separately worshipped as an independent god. He is worshipped together with Vishnu


In Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, Garuda is installed in front of the Venakateswara sannidi and also next to the Vishnu Dwajastampam. At the top of the Rajagopuram two Garudas adorn the northeast and northwest corners. Similarly, Garuda also occupies the top of the Vishnu Dwajasthambha inside the Vasantha Mandapam.


Sri Garuda in Venkateswara Sannidi


Sri Garuda near Vishnu Dwajastampam

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