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Sri Kannimoola Ganapathi

TheSouthwest corner of a temple is very special. It is known as Kannimoola and is the place, which provides protection to the Temple. The residing deity or guardianof this place is called "Nirurudhi'. The Ganpathiwho resides in the Kannimoola or Nirurudhi cornerof a temple has the unique power of being theprotectorof the temple and also a remover of obstacles (Vigneswara). Kannimoola Ganapathi is also worshipped as 'Baktha Rakshaka' (protector of devotees), since this powerful Maha Ganapathi has accumulated the divinity of the sacred position of Kannimoola.


In Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, Kannimoola Ganapathi is installed behind Ayyappa shrine. Kannimoola Ganpathi is one of the deities at Sabarimala.




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