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Sri Gurubhyo Namaha
(Salutation to Preceptor)

Welcome to Sri Siva Vishnu Temple(SSVT) located in Lanham, Maryland, providing a place for Hindus to worship through religious, cultural and educational activities. All interested in Hinduism are welcome to visit the temple. All activities performed at the temple are to the benefit of its congregation and to promote world peace, harmony, spiritual and personal wellbeing of the community at large, grounded in the tenets underlying Hindu faith called the “Sanatana Dharma.” SSVT houses seventeen Sannidhis (shrines) with beautiful deities. This website provides you with the following:
  • information about the deities, the religious significance of and prayers to each deity, and
  • information about the various religious activities conducted at the temple and personal religious services performed both at the temple and at devotee homes.
Please look under the Upcoming Events section for currently scheduled events, and under the Newsletter section for our monthly Newsletter that contains the details of the events.We request you all to visit our beautiful temple here in our Nation's Capital, and to receive the blessings of all deities consecrated in our shrines.

On the occasion of Jeernodharana Kumbhabhishekam SSVT wishes to express its eternal gratitude to our Asthana Acharyas of the temple, Sri Sri Sri Savya Sachi Swamigal and Sri Sri Sri T. S. Sambamurthy Sivachariar, and to our Chief Architect, Padmabhushana Dr V. Ganapati Sthapati. These departed souls have left us with cherished memories and their manifold blessings.

Mandala Abhishekam Puja After Kumbhabhishekam

On May 31st, SSVT conducted the Jeernodharana Kumbhabhishekam, a multi-phase process for rejuvenating the Deity installations and restoring the integrity of the temple structures. As the first phase, the divine energies of the Deities were transferred to the special images at the Bala alayam through kalakarshanam during the temple restoration period. You would have seen the temple mahamantapam area being closed at that time. Second phase was the grand event of kumbhabhishekam involved restoring the encapsulated Divine energies back to the puja murthis installed at the respective sanctums through a re-consecrating process of kala samyojanam and mahakumbha abhishekam at the auspicious hours on May 31st. The third and final phase of the jeernodhanaranam process is mandala abhishekam, a fixed period of 45-48 days of dedicated puja rituals aimed at strengthening the re-consecrated Deity installations. This process is akin to the incubation and intense-care period for transplanted seedlings. This period also marks the resumption of daily pujas to the Deities in a reinvigorated manner continuing the age-old traditions of temple puja according to saiva and paancharaatra agamas, madhwa and kerala tantra procedures.

Our sastras consider that the sacred devata prathistapana (Deity installations) are brought forth and enabled by the priests as the fathers for the benefit of the devotees during any kind of kumbhabhishekam event. Thus, nurturing them becomes an important duty for all of us after any kumbhabhishekam. Our shastraas recommend specific and meaningful procedures to strengthen the installations and enhance the sannidhyam (divine presence) of the Deities at the Temple. A few additional priests from India will be assisting SSVT priests to carry out these subtle rituals each of the 17 sanctums daily for almost 7 weeks starting from June 1st.

We request the devotees to avail this great opportunity to see the resumption of regular puja to their ishta devathas (personal deities for sadhana) and priya devathas (beloved deities of devotion) of SSVT! Specific daily sponsorship for pujas to each deity (17 sanctums) or in sampradaya groups (Siva Parivar, Vishnu Parivar, Udupi Krishna and Ayyappa) is available. Danam (Offerings to Deities) Opportunities are made available for the benefit of the devotees for Vastram danam (ornamental robes to Deities), dravyam (puja materials for Deities) in kind or sponsorship, and pushpa-patram (flowers and sacred leaves) . Seva (volunteering) in the kitchen, cleaning of the temple inner and outer premises, parayanam of holy scriptures like Sahasrnamam, Rudra patam, Chandi, Slokas etc. can also be done during this time enhancing the spiritual ambience around the sanctums.

The Mandala Abhisheka process will culminate in a grand Maha Mandala Abhishekam on July 19th after 48 days of this incubation and nurturing of the devata installations for the benefit of the devotees, the whole community, the nation and the whole world. Sponsorship seva of the Mandala Abhisheka offers special benefits to the devotees.

Sponsorship Categories
Sponsorship of Mandala homa and abhisheka for all days: $501
Sponsorship for all deities for one day: $51
Sponsorship of all deities for one weekend: $101
Sponsorship of Mangalyam for Moola Devis to be adorned on July 19th: $1001
Sponsorship of one Kalasha for Sahasra Kalashaabisheka on July 19th: $11
(Note: Last two items are opportunities Samoohika (group) sponsorships. Many devotees will be able to sponsor these items together. Donors at $1001 level will be able to provide one name to be listed on the Donor board at the temple as per earlier JK anouncement.)

Upcoming Events

Every Sunday 9:30AM - 11:00AM
Bhagavad Gita Classes, every Sunday at 9:30AM

Saturday July 18 5:00 PM and Sunday July 19, 7:00 AM - 1:00PM
Maha Mandalaabhisheka Purthi (Grand Finale) Puja

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